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BioSun Solutions fermentation center in Canada

The fermentation of plant raw materials is our priority. Our fermentation process, consisting of transforming organic plant matter into a highly effective biostimulant, is both ancestral and modern. For centuries, humanity has enjoyed the benefits of fermentation, an efficient means of preserving and producing plant matter.

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100% Organic Biostimulant Products That Offer a Wide Range of Benefits, with over 5 years of research & development

  • Celext07 Biostimulant

    Technology CelexT07 technologies represent a breakthrough in biostimulant product development, built upon a proprietary process that extracts the inherent potential of thyme and Chelidonium majus.   Our patented method transforms...

  • Plantiful Biostimulant

    Technology Plantiful is designed using our proprieity technology to harnesses the power of probiotic bacteria to ferment the blend of algae, creating a potent plant growth enhancer. Probiotic-driven fermentation unlocks...

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    COMING SOON - Planticare Biopesticide

    Technology Introducing Planticare -derived from our CelexT07 technologies– a trailblazing biopesticide forged from an exclusive collaboration with McGill University and validated by INRAE Avignon. Our pioneering patented technology extracts the...

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    COMING SOON - ProCULTIVA Biostimulant

    Technology ProCULTIVA is designed using our proprietary technology to harnesses the power of probiotic bacteria to create a potent plant growth enhancer. Probiotic-driven fermentation unlocks nutrient bioavailability, hormone modulation, and microbial...

  • Mix Boost 3.5-9-4 Biofertilizer granular slow release

    Mix Boost fertilizer in granular powder slow release Each of MIX MINERAL’S ingredients has its own characteristics and has been carefully chosen for very specific reasons, namely to increase the...

  • Mix Minéral 0-1-5  + Ca + Mg Biofertilizer granular slow release

    Fertilizer Mix Mineral in granular powder Each of MIX MINERAL’S ingredients has its own characteristics and has been chosen with care for very specific reasons, namely to increase the yield...

  • Mix Seaweed & Biochar 0-0-5 + magnesium

    Liquid algae biostimulant enriched with Biochar and magnesium. Product of a unique manufacturing process which preserves a maximum of phytohormones and biostimulating elements from the Ascophyllum nodosum algae. BIOSTIMULANT The...

Bio Sun Solutions Science and News

Dubois Agrinovation becomes distributor of BioSun Solutions for Canada and the United States

Dubois Agrinovation, distributor of BioSun Solutions biostimulants & Biopesticide Our team is always on the lookout for new ideas and market trends. We stand out for our constantly renewed range...

913K for scaling up a new nano-tech

This project will use omics technologies to reduce manufacturing costs and boost commercialization of BioSun's innovative biostimulant, based on newly identified biologically active compounds (lipopeptides) from the Bacillus velenzensis strain...

Bio Sun solutions & University of Montréal 937K grant development

BioSun University of Montréal. Financed by BioSun-CRIBIQ-NSERC A grant of 937K to support the development of Plantiful using BioSun Bacteria and reduce the COGs for CELEXT07 by generating a fermented...

Bio Sun Solutions/McGill University/Genome Quebec 220K grant per year

BioSun-McGill University Genome Quebec's Genomic Integration Program,  GIP (genome Quebec) with value of 220Kfor two years. The start date is in september 2023 BioSun has forged a strategic partnership with McGill...

BioSun new fermentation Laboratory and Production Plan

Our company's brand new state-of-the-art laboratory and factory will soon be operational. Our first high volume capacity molecular fermentation center is being created in East Canada.

Grow Organic, Without Compromise.

Most growers today know the environmental benefits of protecting and feeding their crops with organic products, but most have not met performance expectations compared to synthetic solutions. Until now.

BioSun has developed an innovative line of 100% organic agricultural products that are proven to outperform traditional growing methods, while contributing to the overall health of our ecosystems. That means stronger plants, higher yield and tastier fruits and veggies. All organic.

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Grower's Blog

Nicolas Ste-Marie
Fermentation in agriculture, '' Rocket science'' for your crops!

Fermentation in agriculture, '' Rocket science'' for your crops! Fermentation is a key process in agriculture, where it has long been used to: - The production of organic fertilizers such...

Nicolas Ste-Marie
The Power of Bacillus in ''Plantiful''

The Power of Bacillus in ''Plantiful'' Bacillus power" refers to the beneficial properties of bacteria of the genus Bacillus, which are widely used in various fields due to their unique...

Nicolas Ste-Marie
How to easely increase the BRIX level in your fruit!

The measurement of the Brix degree determines the pure sucrose content in the samples. This is a wellknown application not only in the food industry, but also in the chemical sector....

Carlos Ponce
Sustainable Pest Management: The Promise of Natural Biopesticides

At the forefront of the sustainable agricultural movement lies the concept of natural biopesticides, promising a revolutionary approach to pest management. These eco-friendly solutions could not only tackle pests effectively but also diminish...

Carlos Ponce
Bacteria's Hidden Influence: How Microbiomes Impact Human Health and Agriculture

In the vast landscape of biology, an invisible realm holds tremendous sway over the visible world. This realm is populated by trillions of microscopic organisms, predominantly bacteria, that collectively form...

BioSun is at the Forefront of Scientific Agricultural Innovation

Our team of experts, scientists and institutional partners are leading the way in the development of proprietary growing solutions that is revolutionizing the agricultural industry, making BioSun Solutions a solid and attractive investment opportunity.

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