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    CelexT07 is an innovative, 100% organic liquid concentrate fertilizer made from a proprietary mix of medicinal plant extracts, designed for use on produce and ornamental crops grown in greenhouses, nurseries, home gardens, lawns and fields.

    CelexT07 provides a wide range of benefits, including increased yield and growth, improved taste and nutritional value of produce and resistance to environmental stresses. It can be used on its own, with other BioSun products, or as a complement to traditional growing methods.

    CelexT07 is CFIA Registered under the Fertilizers Act2022013F

    CelexT07 is OMRI listed in Canada and USA.

Benefits Of CelexT07

• Significantly increases yield and growth
• Improves taste, increases sugar content (Brix) and nutritional value of fruits and vegetables
• Stimulates plant resistance for diseases and stress
• Improves seed germination rate
• Promotes healthier root system
• Increases chlorophyll content
• No phytotoxicity (below 10%)

In-Field Test Results

Fertilisant Mix Boost en poudre granulaire

 Obtenez des plantes en pleine santé qui produiront plus de fleurs et de fruits !

• Un produit puissant mais simple d’usage qui fera la joie des jardiniers
• À dégagement lent (une fois par mois)
• Contient du calcium, magnésium et des oligo-éléments
• Stimule les micro-organismes
• Ne contient pas de fumier

farine d’os de poisson bio, farine de luzerne bio, farine de soya bio,
farine de crevette bio, os fossile, stéatite, sulfate de potassium omri.

Analyse minimum garantie:
Azote 3.5%
Phosphore P2O5 4%
Phosphore total 9%
Potassium 3.75%
Calcium 8.2%
Magnésium 2%
# produit: CMB60  –  707020

CelexT07 is made from a patented technology that uses medicinal plant extracts of Thyme (Thymus vulgaris) and Greater Celandine (Chelidonium majus). Its unique formulation contains:
• Balanced and natural nutrients
• Naturally occurring NPK 1-0-3
• Micro & macro nutrients
• Bioactive metabolites
• Amino & organic acids
• Vitamins & hormones

• Dilute 1 part CelexT07 for 100 part water and mix well.(Ex.: 1 L of CelexT07 for 100 L of water) • For home garden use: apply 100mL per m2 of diluted product For field use: apply 2 L per Acre of diluted product• Apply the product 2 to 3 times during theseason, ideally at the time of transplanting and before flowering• Apply the diluted solution directly to the soil or leaves• Apply in the morning or late at night• Do not apply when irrigating or if rain is expected• Suitable for fertigation and hydroponic applications

Client Testimonials

“We are in our third season without applying synthetic products to our seed tubers. We tasted the difference!”

Laurent Dulude, De Celles, Potato Passion

“We have obtained magnificent yields with BioSun’s products. Fruit tends to be sweeter.”.

Richad Beauregard, Fruits et légumes R et L Beauregard Inc

«We had 7 harvests for yellow beans, usually it is 2 or 3 harvests. It's a huge difference!»

Éric Dupuis, Saint Laurent Garden

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