Meet The Team

Nicolas Ste-Marie

With extensive experience in agricultural management, quality control, and previous leadership roles, including serving as CEO of La Shop Agricole and Carence Plant Care for over 14 years, Mr. Ste-Marie brings significant expertise to the table. A seasoned professional in the marketing and exportation of fertilizers and biostimulants, he actively engages in the development of innovative products and techniques for sustainable agriculture in Canada and Europe. Mr. Ste-Marie's specialization in on-field production, high-tech greenhouse operations, and architectural engineering enhances his ability to design and manage greenhouses. With over two decades of experience as a packaging and product designer for various companies, he focuses his expertise on revolutionizing global agriculture and creating enriched soil ecosystems through groundbreaking molecules.


Jamil Samsatly, PhD, MSc
Co-Founder & VP Biopesticides

Mr. Samsatly has demonstrated his leadership as Chief Scientific Officer for Mondias Natural Products Inc. and Lumiera Health Inc. for a combined period of two years before co-founding and taking on the role of VP Biopesticides at BioSun Solutions Inc. With a decade of experience in the field of global sustainable agriculture and agri-food systems, Dr. Samsatly's skills are firmly established. His academic background, crowned by a Ph.D. from McGill University, is further highlighted by his outstanding contributions to scientific journals and his dedication to advancing our understanding of plant pathology and host-pathogen interactions. His specialization in antioxidants and vitamins has greatly contributed to plant science. Dr. Samsatly's previous achievements in the development of fermented probiotic beverages and snacks bring a practical and scientific dimension to his contributions in the field of agriculture.


Hacene Meglouli, PhD, MSc
Co-Founder & VP Biostimulants

With a Ph.D. and a Master's degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Littoral Côte d'Opale in France, Mr. Meglouli can boast of over a decade of expertise in microbial inoculants, particularly in the field of mycorrhizae and their complex interactions within the soil microbiome. A master of fermentation and internationally recognized for his academic knowledge, Meglouli has authored numerous peer-reviewed scientific articles and has spoken at several conferences.