Innovation Pipeline

At BioSun, we embody the ethos of 'Made by Nature, Enhanced by Science.' Through years of dedicated investment in research and development, we have cultivated a robust and diverse product portfolio. Our unwavering commitment to innovation is evident in our ongoing collaborative ventures with esteemed institutions like McGill University and the University of Montreal. These partnerships drive us to pioneer even more groundbreaking solutions for the organic markets.


Next generation CelexT07 Microbiome

Drawing upon BioSun's rich expertise in fermentation, our focus lies on creating a dynamic living iteration of our exceptional CELEXT07™ biostimulant. This ambitious endeavor seeks to combine the potency of probiotic bacteria with the vitality of medicinal plants. The project has garnered support from distinguished entities including CRIBIQ (Consortium de recherche - Bioprocédés industriels) and NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada), underscoring our commitment to cutting-edge innovation. This project is carried out in collaboration with the University of Montreal.


For further insights, explore the comprehensive details of our initiative in the project titled 'Development of New Generation Biostimulants for Field and Vegetable Crops.' Project duration: 2023-2025.


BioSun Bacterial Bank

BioSun is committed to unlocking the extraordinary potential of beneficial bacteria, revitalizing depleted soils and breathing new life into agricultural landscapes. The company has successfully built a bacterial bank covering a wide range of species with biostimulant and biocontrol properties. Some of these bacterial endophytes are ready for sale and will be used to develop bacterial based products.


This project is funded by Mitacs Accelerate IT29988"The Next Generation Agriculture: Role of functional endophytic microbiome in Cannabis varieties against mycotoxigenic fungi and Powdery mildew." Project duration: April 2022- March 2024.



Introducing CelexT07+: Our innovative disinfectant solution, based on our CelexT07 technologies, designed to combat bacteria, fungi, and viruses with direct antimicrobial properties. Perfect for post-harvest applications and surface disinfection, CelexT07™ sets new standards in agricultural hygiene.


BioSun Herbicide

In the next step of its evolution, BioSun Herbicide is set to enter the registration phase. Building upon our proficiency in medicinal plants, we mark this as a significant milestone in its development journey. Fueled by our proprietary technology derived from medicinal plants, this non-targeted green herbicide presents a natural and secure solution for advancing sustainable weed management practices.


n0B9 Green Nano Biostimulant

BioSun has forged a strategic partnership with McGill University to drive the commercialization of a revolutionary green nano-based bacterial biostimulant. This collaboration gains significant traction following the successful outcomes of the NSERC I2I initiative. Under the project title: "Use of Genomics Approaches to Study the Mode of Action of a Novel Nano-Enabled Biostimulant (nOB9) and Its Impact on Root Nodulation and Soil Microbial Health", both BioSun and McGill University have secured funding from Genome Quebec's Genomic Integration Program (GIP). This collaborative endeavor is focused on harnessing genomics methodologies to unravel the intricate mode of action of the pioneering nano-enabled biostimulant, known as nOB9.


At the core of this initiative lies the deployment of genomics tools to unveil the inner workings of an agrochemical innovation derived from Bacillus velezensis strain OB9. This remarkable strain, distinguished for producing novel and valuable biochemicals like lipopeptides and secondary metabolites, holds immense potential for plant protection and growth enhancement. Through the combined efforts of BioSun and McGill, the exploration of clay nanomaterial integration has exhibited the remarkable capability to extend the shelf life of these bioactive compounds. Notably, field trials have further corroborated these findings, demonstrating tangible enhancements in plant growth and overall productivity.


This pioneering project ushers in a new era of innovation, where the synergy of agribiotechnology and genomics leads the charge towards sustainable and impactful advancements in agricultural practices.


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