Bio Sun Solutions/McGill University/Genome Quebec 220K grant per year

BioSun-McGill University

Genome Quebec's Genomic Integration Program, 

GIP (genome Quebec) with value of 220K for two years. The start date is in september 2023

BioSun has forged a strategic partnership with McGill University to drive the commercialization of a revolutionary green nano-based bacterial biostimulant. This collaboration gains significant traction following the successful outcomes of the NSERC I2I initiative. Under the project title: "Use of Genomics Approaches to Study the Mode of Action of a Novel Nano-Enabled Biostimulant (nOB9) and Its Impact on Root Nodulation and Soil Microbial Health," both BioSun and McGill University have secured funding from Genome Quebec's Genomic Integration Program (GIP). This collaborative endeavor is focused on harnessing genomics methodologies to unravel the intricate mode of action of the pioneering nano-enabled biostimulant, known as nOB9.

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