Bio Sun solutions & University of Montréal 937K grant development

BioSun & University of Montréal

Financed by BioSun-CRIBIQ-NSERC

A grant of 937K to support the development of Plantiful using BioSun Bacteria and reduce the COGs for CELEXT07 by generating a fermented version of CELEXT07 (Next Generation CelexT07).

CRIBIQ contribution: 387K, NSERC contribution: 379K, BioSun contribution: 234K, IP is 100% for BioSun.

Drawing upon BioSun's rich expertise in fermentation, our focus lies on creating a dynamic living iteration of our exceptional CelexT07™ biostimulant. This ambitious endeavor seeks to combine the potency of probiotic bacteria with the vitality of medicinal plants. The project has garnered support from distinguished entities including CRIBIQ (Consortium de recherche -Bioprocédés industriels) and NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada), underscoring our commitment to cutting-edge innovation. This project is carried out in collaboration with the University of Montreal for further insights, explore the comprehensive details of our initiative in the project titled 'Development of New Generation Biostimulants for Field and Vegetable Crops.' Project duration: 2023-2025

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