Patented Technology


Our CelexT07 Technology is covered by two patents, with the first patent granted in USA and Brazil. It is currently patent pending in Canada, Europe, China, Mexico, Japan, and Brazil. Plantiful is patent pending in USA, Canada, and Europe.


Our Patents for CelexT07

Patent I

"Herbal Compositions and Methods for the Prevention and Treatment of Plant or Nail Infections"

Granted in USA for use on plants: US10792322B2 and Brazil BR112018016236,

Pending in AU2017217260, CA3013950, CN108697749, EP3413904, WO/2017/136930, US20210069277.


Patent II

Methods and compositions of a botanical extract to promote and boost plant growth and prevent and suppress plant diseases”

WO2021012060A1, AU2020318677A1, CA3145688A1, IN202247006194


Our Patent for Plantiful


Patent I

"Process for the manufacture of a biostimulant or natural fertilizer based on fermented macroalgae, natural additives and probiotic bacteria for agriculture and horticulture"

WO/2020/107116, EP3887343, US20220098124, CA3121392